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Exploring the Efficacy and Advantages of Gastric Balloon in Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Obesity is an increasingly serious concern in today’s world, and the search for effective ways to lose weight is critical. The cause of serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers – obesity demands a proactive approach to weight management.

Amid countless weight loss options, the gastric balloon procedure is a non-surgical alternative for those seeking to lose extra weight and regain their well-being. Its non-surgical nature, effectiveness, and minimal recovery time have made it appealing to many. This article will dive deep into gastric balloon procedures, revealing how they promote weight loss without the need to have surgery.

Understanding Gastric Balloon Procedure

The Gastric Balloon operation is when a silicone balloon is placed in your stomach to help you lose weight. It’s a perfect solution for extra, burdening weight. There’s no surgery, and it’s temporary, can be reversed if necessary, and is affordable. It’s also an outpatient procedure, so you don’t have to stay in the hospital long.

The balloon is filled with either saline or air, taking up space in your stomach and making you feel full quickly. The balloon stays in your stomach for six to twelve months, giving you enough time to develop healthier eating habits while helping you lose substantial weight.

Types of Gastric Balloon Procedure

There are several options available for the gastric balloon procedure, including:


Most people likely know this as the BioEnteric Intragastric Balloon (BIB). It’s the most commonly used and studied of its kind. The Orbera is a soft silicone balloon inserted into your stomach and filled with saline. It helps you lose weight by taking up space in your stomach and reducing food intake. On average, expect to have it in your stomach for about six months.


This involves swallowing a capsule containing a deflated balloon connected to a thin tube, creating a gastric balloon system that can be ingested. Once in your stomach, the balloon gets pumped up through the tube. Like Orbera, Obalon’s mission is to assist in weight loss by taking up space in your stomach and controlling how much you can eat. This stays in your stomach for about six months.


Spatz is an adjustable gastric balloon system that stays in your stomach for up to a year. Made from silicone and filled with saline, the Spatz balloon aids patients in their weight loss journey by taking up space in the stomach – limiting food intake. It easily adjusts in size to cater to the patient’s requirements.

ReShape Duo

Similarly, ReShape Duo helps patients lose weight by occupying space in the stomach and decreasing food consumption. However, this is a two-in-one balloon system filled with saline. They remain inside the stomach for approximately six months.

Why Choose the Gastric Balloon Technique?

The gastric balloon procedure has great benefits – especially if you’re trying to lose weight but are not ready or eligible for surgical methods. Let’s explore these advantages in detail:

Non-surgical Nature

The gastric balloon operation is a less intrusive option without any surgery. This makes it appealing to individuals who may not meet the stringent bariatric surgery criteria or those apprehensive about making major medical choices. Instead of a surgical procedure, the gastric balloon procedure inserts a saline-filled silicone balloon into your stomach.

Temporary Solution

Consider this gastric balloon your temporary weight loss solution – something you don’t get with other bariatric procedures. The balloon’s design allows for its removal after six months. A perfect solution if you’re hesitant about signing up for a long-term commitment like a weight loss operation. This temporary fix can also bridge between wanting to lose weight and adopting healthier lifestyle changes.

Low-Risk Factor

When you compare the gastric balloon procedure against other weight loss methods, it has a lower risk. One big reason is that there’s no need for general anesthesia, which naturally lessens potential surgery-linked problems. Because this procedure is less invasive, patients recover quickly and don’t deal with as much discomfort.

Absence of Scarring

Scarring is often a worry with surgical procedures; however, the gastric balloon operation significantly minimizes this concern, given its lack of scarring. The benefit of this procedure is non-surgical and endoscopic, thus eliminating the necessity for incisions.


When we compare other bariatric surgeries to gastric balloon procedures, a gastric balloon procedure costs less than bariatric surgery. This makes weight loss solutions accessible to more people who have a limited budget but want an effective solution.


The gastric balloon procedure is a non-invasive way to lose excess weight. It’s efficient, safe, and affordable – everything you’d want in a weight-loss option. With Dr. Rene Armenta as your surgeon, you can start your journey toward better health and boost self-esteem by picking this minimally invasive route. He has the expertise; you only need to take that first step toward healthier living. Consulting with Dr. Rene Armenta can give you tailor-made insights if you’re considering a gastric balloon procedure.

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